Saturday, May 5, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Apple Inspirational Words Printable

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  I love all the fabulous creative bloggers that share free printables and ideas that I can use as inspiration!  As part of the PTA I have been gathering ideas for awhile on pinterest but hadn't really found the right fit for the individual gifts for my kids teachers.  I finally had to come up with what I was going to give my son's teachers.  I found this great idea at Happy-Go-Lucky and decided to create my own.

I started with the basic image from tagxedo with a combination of the words I saw at Happy Go Lucky and new ones I choose.  Changed themes, fonts and other options to get the look I wanted.

I then visited picmonkey to personalize it for each teacher.

I'm printing them off and putting them in a simple frame = a quick, easy and custom teacher appreciation gift just in time for 2012 Teacher Appreciate Week.

Don't forget to acknowledge the other support staff that help at your child's school and classroom. From the office staff, specials teachers and aide they all play a part in the success of our kids!  Once I come up with their gifts I will try to remember to share as well!  What are you doing for Teacher Appreciation Week?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

10 Things to Smile About: April

After a comment on my blog I discovered this meme and it sounded like something I wanted to do!  One of my recent goals regarding blogging to is to forget the "rules" (one of the main reasons I don't blog very often) and just start writing and recording our life.

One of the best parts of motherhood are the smiles! Those everyday moments that I love, but all to often forget.  

So here is my list for April. 

1 - Signing Student Loan papers!  Doesn't sound exciting but it means that my husband is back in school full time as of today, which is important for our family. 

2 - Amazing time learning, growing and laughing at the Power of Moms Premium Retreat in Vegas. 

3 - My little Lucy girl - trying on her outfit for her "I Love Lucy" first birthday party in two weeks. 

4 - Winning a 42" plasma TV during a family outing to the 51s Game.  And my brave stepdaughter sang Take Me Out to the Ball Game in the 7th Inning Stretch!

5 - Dying Easter Eggs with the Kids

My stepdaughter's Humpty Dumpty Egg - notice the crack and suspenders!

6 - My boys having fun! They always make me smile.

7 - Spring Break Family Home Evening.  It wasn't anything crazy or elaborate. We had ate dinner, had a short lesson and popped popcorn while we watched Dolphin Tale together as a family.  The part that made me smile was the spirit in our home.  That night we were bonding as a family and that ALWAYS makes me smile!

Not the popcorn from that night but I took this last night and had  to share.
I love popcorn!

8 - Black Eyed Susan's at the Springs Preserve. I took the kids to the Springs Preserve during Spring Break and saw these black eyed susans.  These always bring back my memories of growing up in Maryland (it's the state flower) and a family vacation incident of my mom picking them on the side of the road and getting a ticket from a State Trooper!

9 - Science experiments with the kids during a playdate.  3 little boys playing with vinegar, food coloring and baking soda - I got serious cool mom points for something so simple (thanks Pinterest)!

10 - My kids in their Easter best!  I love seeing them all dressed up:)  Twice a year they all match in new clothes (Christmas & Easter)... 

Of course they decided they didn't want their picture taken so this was the best out of about 20 tries!

I'm linking up over at Emmy Mom.


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