Friday, January 4, 2013

My One Word for 2013 - STRIVE

Last year thanks to a post from a blogger I love, Dine and Dish, I chose one word to focus on for 2012. Have I mentioned that I am much better at stalking blogs than writing one, but I digress...

I loved the idea of a focus word.  I found it much more achievable and not as intimidating as resolutions that seem to go undone before January draws to a close!  I was drawn to two words and decided to focus on both: connect and complete.  I cannot say I was 100% perfect in my focus but I do feel that I did better and that really was my goal.  I did better at connecting in my relationship and completing what I wanted to focus on for the year.

So this year I decided to do it again.  It didn't take long before a single word came to my mind that just felt right.


It's not a word I use very often but it feels perfect for where I am at in life.  I am in the middle of a healthy lifestyle transformation (down 45 lbs whoop! whoop! in the last 6 months) and approaching some major life transitions in 2013.  Strive feels like a great word to guide in that process.  As a visual reminder I created a word cloud.

I think I am going to hang over my sink (a place I spend FAR too much time) to help remind me of my focus.   I also found some great quotes on pinterest, who doesn't love pinterest that I added to a Strive Board.

I loved this one...

A great reminder... Are my actions consistent with what I am striving for in life? That is a question I hope to be able to consistently answer yes as I focus on striving for what matters to me and my family.

Do you do New Year's Resolutions?  Focus word?  If so, what is your word?

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