Thursday, February 14, 2013

One more Valentine Idea - Teacher Appreciation Treat Printable

As part of our Random Acts of Kindness activities I wanted to give a Valentine's treat to all of the teachers and aides that work with my kids, not just their classroom teachers.  I had a hard time deciding something, that was simple and inexpensive.

I finally decided to do just a little bag of candy - Dove Hearts and Hershey Gold Nuggets and created a little topper that said, "For a teachers with a special heart, you are a treasure".  Cheesy I know, but hopefully it made them smile and even if it didn't the chocolate was good!  I'm sharing the image I created below. I used it as a treat bag topper and printed my kids names on the back fold over portion. This is just the graphic that could be used as a card or treat topper or any other number of ways.

To all the amazing teachers out there - Thank you for all you do!  I am sincere when I say I don't think I could do it.

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